For Immediate Release

May 6, 2010

Indicted Republican Jane Orie Attempts to Steal Democratic Nomination in 40th Senate Race

In an unusual step this week, Jane Orie, one of the State Senate’s top Republican leaders, launched a write-in campaign seeking the Democratic nomination in the 40th District State Senate race.  Voters received phone calls and a direct mail piece on Tuesday urging them to write-in Orie’s name on the Democratic ballot.

If Orie succeeds in her write-in effort, she would become the Democratic nominee.  Already unopposed on the Republican ballot, a successful Democratic write-in by Orie would eliminate any contested race in November for the State Senate seat.  Orie’s write-in would effectively limit the rights of citizens and is an attempt to crush any debate regarding her record and stewardship of government resources, including her indictment on felony charges of theft of services from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania .

Elections, a cornerstone of American democracy, are a referendum on the performance of our government and give citizens the opportunity to approve or disapprove of the direction taken by our representatives in Harrisburg.  The move by Orie to also seek the Democratic nomination in the May 18 Primary stifles the democratic process and robs voters of an important choice this fall. 

“No politician should expect to get a free ride back to Harrisburg.  It’s simply un-American,” said Dan DeMarco, Democratic write-in candidate for the 40th Senate seat.  “The Commonwealth is facing a number of critical issues that will affect the day-to-day lives of Pennsylvanians.   After 2009’s budget impasse and an anticipated repeat this year, no incumbent should run unopposed.  Voters deserve the right to hear both sides of the story.  Without a choice in November’s election, everyone stands to lose.”

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