Dan DeMarco

Voters are fed up with ‘business-as-usual’ in Harrisburg and that they want to have an open discussion of the issues facing Pennsylvania.  In this election, the voters are sending a message loud and clear that they don’t want to give an incumbent a free ride back to Harrisburg.

Senate District 40

Television Ad: Putting Community First

Endorsement by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


For too long, citizens in Pennsylvania have been handed a state government mired in corruption, fraud, and waste. To change Harrisburg's culture of corruption, we need a choice in the race for State Senator this November. I am a Democrat running for the State Senate from Pennsylvania's 40th District. I am a practicing attorney and have served as a Ross Township Commissioner for the past 10 years. As a life-long resident of the North Hills, I will take hard-working, Western Pennsylvania values to Harrisburg and a tough, no-nonsense approach to change "business-as-usual" in our state capital.


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